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UserPeeks mission and the story behind

We are building the most powerful User Testing Platform for SMEs and enterprise businesses.

Accurately optimizing products is hard. Harnessing user insights to inform decisions that lead to faster growth is even harder. We strongly believe that user testing is the best method to create the best user experience and thus the strongest growth for a product. That’s why we’ve created a new category of user insights product to solve this.

Powerful User Testing Platform

The UserPeek Story

If you want to understand the "why" behind the "what", you MUST perform user tests. Everything else is just theory.

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The founders of UserPeek, have spent many successful years helping companies, from SMBs to global enterprises, to improve their products, marketing and brand and thus generate sustainable growth for their companies. User testing in all variations (onsite/remote, moderated/unmoderated) has always been a cornerstone of their optimization strategy.

Although they have used just about every user testing tool on the market over time, they have never been 100% satisfied with the individual tools. Missing features, poor UX (in a UX tool… Isn’t that weird?), unfavorable pricing models and too small tester panels were a common annoyance.

So the desire grew to do it better and to build a tool that is actually suitable for daily use and that allows all companies, no matter if big or small, to finally give user testing the importance in their business processes that it should have.

Userpeek strongly believes in the principles and great advantages of „new work“.
We work human-centric, lean, data-driven and remote. Therefore, UserPeek is completely decentralized and hires top talents from all over the world.

Become a part of the UserPeek family now and try out our software for free and without any obligation.

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