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UX is what defines the foundation of interface design. It has shifted from plain design to user focus.  

Granted UX is just one part of design, we highly recommend that you familiarize and study different areas of UI UX experience.

But where do you start? Well, you can refer to this article as we made you a curated list of the 20 Best UX YouTube Channels You Should Be Watching:

1. UX Mastery | 48.6k subscribers

UX Mastery

This YouTube channel is a good resource for aspiring UI UX designers. It shares quality information on UX to fulfill its goal of growing the industry’s ability to design great and useful websites, mobile apps, and desktop apps. 

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2. The Futur | 984k subscribers

The Futur

This YouTube channel is full of great advice and UX and UI design reviews from an aspiring designer. The channel’s goal is to reach out to 1 billion people and influence them to do what they want so there are a lot of practical videos to gain here, with the Futur as the school of tomorrow. 

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3. Laith Wallance | 15.6k subscribers

Laith Wallance

This channel is owned and hosted by Laith Wallance, who is a UX Designer and Product Strategist. His channel provides advice, tools, and motivation for students, businesses, and professionals who are looking to start their career in UX. 

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4. High Resolution | 53.1k subscribers

High Resolution

This YouTube channel provides weekly interviews conducted by Jared Erondu and Bobby Ghoshal. Some featured interviews are from expert UX designers from known companies like Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, and Airbnb.

The interviews are all about Instrumental problems commonly encountered and what lies ahead for the industry. These interviews show the challenges that designers are currently facing. The videos are also a good resource for getting familiar with the UX industry and the key people that are involved in it.

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5. Flux | 220k subscribers


This YouTube channel is owned and hosted by Ran Segall. He shares his tips and advice on UX and UI design. He uploads a new video weekly so if you are into UX design, this channel is for you. 

You may also expect some personal videos of his work and career, which is very valuable for those who are just starting with UX design. 

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6. Mike Locke | 102k subscribers

Mike Locke

This YouTube channel is owned and hosted by Mike Locke, who is a successful UI/UX Designer. Locke is passionate about graphic design and he specializes in UI design, UX, usability, information architecture, and interaction design, among many others. 

There is a lot of information about design from Mike Locke channel including how to overcome creative block and how to keep learning while on the job. 

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7. Neuron - UX/UI Design Agency | 1.85k subscribers


This YouTube channel is a great resource for aspiring UX designers. The videos are delivered in a lecture form conducted by UX Director, Soudy Khan. Khan lectures about user experience concepts and ideas within minutes. 

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8. Sketch Together | 88.9k subscribers

Sketch Together

This YouTube channel is run and hosted by Pablo Stanley, who is a senior designer. He does design workshops and has a podcast about graphic design.

The channel’s approach is light, funny, and amusing, where practical advice on Sketch and recommended plugins are also introduced.  

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9. Dansky | 618k subscribers


This YouTube channel is one of the best channels for UI/UX tutorials on YouTube. It covers all major UX software like Sketch, Adobe After Effects, and Principle. 

You can find great Adobe XD tutorials among many others, where one video runs between 5-minute tip video and 60-90 minutes video how-tos and tutorials.  

You can expect fresh content weekly and you won’t get disappointed, especially if you are practicing improving your UX skills. 

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10. AJ&Smart | 143k subscribers


This channel features a Berlin-based company, where it focuses on product design, strategy, and innovation. 

It provides the latest practices in product design and has worked with established companies like Adidas, Slack, eBay, and Lufthansa. 

Its goal is to share information on their YouTube channel about product design, UX design, design sprints, and more. 

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11. Human Factors International | 8.08k subscribers

Human Factors International

This channel is owned and run by Human Factors International, which is a global leading company in UX design science. 

The channel features videos about strategy, innovation, research, structural and detailed design through expert interviews of the company’s leaders in UX. 

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12. Sarah Doody | 22.2k subscribers

Sarah Doody

This channel is run and owned by Sarah Doody, an expert UX Designer. Sarah founded the UX Portfolio Formula with a goal to help UX professionals at all levels of their careers learn how to create a UX portfolio. 

Her channel provides practical advice and tips to help UX professional learn and think like a designer. 

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13. UXBERT Labs | 712 subscribers


This channel is quite new, but it is a good resource for topics on UX, customer-first logic, and design. 

The videos are focused on providing tips and advice on the web design , graphic design, and its usability, particularly of the e-commerce site. 

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14. CharliMarieTV | 182k subscribers


This channel is run and hosted by Charlie, a designer from New Zealand. Her channel provides her insights and outputs on how it is like to be a designer, along with the difficulties she deals with on the job. 

Her channel is a good resource for freelance designers and starting UI designers as she shares her tips and knowledge on topics like “How to switch from Sketch to Figma?” or “Working Remotely”.

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15. Tutvid | 1.11M subscribers


This channel has over a million subscribers. Thanks to its great video tutorials on Adobe Photoshop. 

Although the channel is not exclusive for UX content, we still recommend that you check this channel as the video tutorials on design is really high quality. You can expect a lot of good information from its lengthy 30-60 minutes videos on Photoshop. 

If you are a UX designer, this channel is a good resource for everything on Photoshop, After Effects, Animation, and XD for wireframing.

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16. Nielsen Norman Group | 59.5k subscribers

Nielsen Norman Group

This YouTube channel is owned by NNG, which is a company built by Jakob Nielsen and Don Norman. 

The company is one of the known companies in UX and it offers UX research outputs. The channel is a good resource for UX professionals as it provides a lot of information on user experience from the experts in the industry. 

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17. Caler Edwards | 154k subscribers

Caler Edwards

This YouTube channel is run and hosted by Caler Edwards, a Full Stack designer who offers solid free design tutorials on user experience. 

Most of his tutorials on the channel are two-part videos that total around 30 to 60 minutes. 

This channel is a good resource for UX and UI designers, where one can find topics on Adobe XD, ProtoPie, Principle, and Photoshop. 

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18. UX Salon | 5.25k subscribers

UX Salon

This YouTube channel provides its viewers with useful methodologies and tools for user experience. It features new videos every month, highlighting experts from the fields of user experience and design. 

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19. Expose UX | 4.86k subscribers

Expose UX

This YouTube channel mirrors a reality show where they guest start-up entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs assist a panel of UX experts, who provide feedback over their jobs on UX, UI design, and business aspects of the final product.   

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20. Spoon Graphics | 390k subscribers

Spoon Graphics

This YouTube channel is run by Chris Spooner, a graphic designer who shares tutorials on Photoshop and Illustrator. 

His tutorials are all well-explained and clear that it makes the design look easy to do. 

This is a great channel for UX and UI designers, especially for those who are just starting their careers.  

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The Internet is vast that you can get almost any kind of information online. Whether you are just starting with your career in UX or you are an expert UX professional, it is always a good practice to acquire new skills or develop yourself into something better. 

You can take full advantage of the best YouTube channels resources on user experience and design as there is a lot of free but good information that you can use to hone your skills in UX. 

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Mary Ann Dalangin

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A content marketing strategist and a UX writer with years of experience in the digital marketing industry.

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