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Welcome to People You Should Follow!

People on the list below take care of the structural design of the digital landscape. They're amazing at it, trust me.

This week we'd like to present: 25 Impressive Information Architects You Should Follow.

We prepared a handy table of contents below – use it to navigate the list! Remember, this is not a ranking – everyone is equally important.

Jacob Alonzo

Consulting User Experience Designer & Information Architect

While working at Usability NJ Jaboc was the primary resource for maintaining the specifications of the User Experience (UX) and the Information Architecture (IA) of the UsabilityNJ Website. He collected feedback from clients on Initial and Launch website experiences and collaborated with lead Platform Architect, lead Visual Designer & lead Web Content Manager.

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Jacob also supported other information architects and provided competitive analysis of UsabilityNJ.org and Philly Chi Website Information Architecture

Eric Brown

Information Architect Supervisor / User Research / Usability Analyst at UPS Supply Chain Solutions

My name is Eric Brown. I have lived on both the west and east coasts of the U.S.. I currently reside in the southeast where I enjoy access to the fast pace of city life, the beauty of the mountains, and the serenity of the beach. As a user experience designer and usability professional, all my work centers around the fact that the customer comes first. In order to create an outstanding user experience it has to be based upon solid user data.

I strive to understand your users, your unique mission and business goals, then collaborate as a part of your leadership team to produce exceptional results. I leverage usability and customer experience to create growth strategies and tactical implementations, while measuring ongoing performance for web and mobile brand success.

Rob Dornbush

Information Architect & User Experience design

For me IA equals User Experience because I can best be described as a man of many talents: UX, IA, BA, SA, UP, UIA, UEA. I often help clients with challenging IA issues to sort out complex site structures and re-design their experience to take advantage of customer feedback by examining web analytics data, metadata management tools and SEO improvements.

My professional experience reflects a specialization in IA and UX analysis with extensive expertise in UX planning aspects of software design. I have mastered the art of mobile app. design, IA / UX Analysis, and Customer Experience optimization.

Bruno Gabriel Alves

UX Designer & Information Architect

Bruno is an enthusiastic and goal-oriented designer that loves creating intelligent interfaces and translating insights into consumer-facing experiences.

He has 6 years experience working in user-centered design projects for large corporations such as Government of Ontario, Alelo, Itaú, Terra, Claro, Turner, etc and know-how to design for different proposes: E-commerce, Mobile Apps, Intranet, Online Banking, etc. Updated with responsive design best practices, mobile first methodology and accessibility standards.

Sara Shelton

Information Architect at IBM IX (Interactive Experience)

I love being essential to clients' success, purposeful in innovation, and listening for need to reinvent the future in all team and client relationships. I improve people's lives and enhance Fortune 500 brands through great user experiences. I bridge the gap between powerful software and how people use it. I look for user experiences to improve. I advocate for simplicity in UX and user-centered design, and lead teams to do the same.

Before joining IBM, I ran a successful UX consultancy with expertise in Financial Services, Retail and high-value transactional software.

Jeremy Hutchins

Senior Information Architect at Infor

User Experience Designer for Business Software, including Content Management Systems, Digital Assets Management tools, Mobile-based Performance Management Software, Permitting and Inspection Applications for iPad, e-Commerce Solutions for Industrial Manufacturing.

Alpay Beler

Information Architect & Digital Project Manager

Responsible for architecting and implementing the History of Parliament Trust's publications to be accessible online. In addition, we have now customised an opensource CMS, Drupal, to deliver print-on-demand functionality for the future publications. A 7 volume print edition covering the period 1820-32 parliaments will be on the shelves on December 2009, and further 6 volumes covering 1604-29 parliaments in March 2010.

Lara Becker

Information Architect at Verizon

Responsible for analyzing client objectives and user needs to assist design & development teams in validating and refining strategic business requirements. Articulate proposed solutions and facilitate the collaborative and iterative process that creates intuitive interface designs. Define the plans and frameworks for online user experiences that are intuitively organized, efficient, and engaging. Create overall site structure, task flows and page-level content priority.

Lendrea G. Freeman

Information Architect at Infinite Computer Solutions

Proven user experience professional with (8) years experience in user experience design and web architecture is seeking a challenging User Experience Architect position. Experience spans fields of Advertising , Business-to-Business, Banking, Software Development, Cosmetics, Health Insurance, Media Management, E-commerce, Non-Profit and Supply-Chain Management.

Grace G. Lau

Information Architect / Interaction Designer

Hello! I'm an user experience designer with over seven years on collaborative design and agile development on fun and delightful mobile and web projects. I have a passion for reusable, structured content and taxonomy, so you'll likely find me working on projects that focus on information architecture, taxonomy development, and user research.

Judy Reiter

Freelance User Experience Architect / Information Architect

Judy is a user experience professional with a passion for information architecture and usability.

Seven Harkey

UX Mechanic. Information Architect. Content Strategist. Writer.

I help businesses strategize, create, execute, and evolve Experience and Service Design for their users–from customers to patients to workforce. I help clients, designers, writers, and brand teams build engaging experiences that lead to action, loyalty and productivity. I meld user insights, usage data, stakeholder goals, and creative content solutions into purposeful taxonomies, journeys, functions, processes, and infrastructures.

Frederique Garzon

Senior UX Designer / Information architect and Strategy

Hello! I have over 15 years experience working on the intuitive design of interfaces for small-to-large scale web sites, intranets, mobile web and applications. While UX Design and Information Architecture are my core strengths, I also have competencies in UX Strategy.

I am passionate about all things UX. I am up to date and love discovering new emerging technologies as well as adopting new work methods and approaches for solving problems. I am an individual with an eye for details but I'm also able to see the forest for the trees.

As a UX Designer, I believe that the User Experience isn't limited to a website or an application; it happens wherever and however you interact with your customers, online and offline. Striving to understand your users' journey? Then we have have a lot to discuss!

Will Petersen

Senior Information Architect, Google Brand Studio

Versatile, highly motivated creative professional with international experience. Deep, intuitive understanding of client and project needs with a knack for creating appropriate and inspired design solutions. Dynamic, precise, committed, fun and effective team leader and client partner.

Brooke Brooks

Information Architect at Southwest Airlines

Brooke is is an Information Architect with 8+ years of experience creating user-friendly sites and applications for mobile and the web. Her experience includes collaborating with business, product development, tech and end-users to determine down requirements, translating requirements into use cases, personae, workflows, wireframes, low-fi prototypes and detailed error documentation, researching and fine tuning via competitive audits, heuristic analysis, end-user observation and interviews, and working in an Agile development process.

Samira Vijghen

Information Architect at Bright & Shiny

I strive to sustain a user-centric vision at every level of the organization. I believe that much of my work is about having the right conversation with the right people. I have 13 years of experience building large cross-channel, cross-domain publishing platforms. I love coaching junior designers and front-end developers, and building relationships across departments.

I come to work to make a difference, and make it a point to learn something new each day. I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty — I approach projects conceptually as well as tactically. I like to think big and have both the motivation and technical skills to help build experiences that ultimately simplify other people’s lives.

Sarah Spitler

Information Architect at Razorfish

In my current role as an Experience Designer/Strategist, I've been able to combine my work as a systems-obsessive Information Architect + a curious Researcher. I'm working to build brands and engage consumers, considering multiple points of interaction and creating holistic, human-centered experiences.

With an undergrad degree in Art, and training in Multimedia Studies, my unique perspective comes from combining creativity with the technical.

James M. Dey

Information/Enterprise data architecture

Information Management specialist focused on improving business's ability to process data in to meaningful measures which directly or indirectly improves business performance.

Currently, very interested in how Big Data (broader than Hadoop/Spark) can assist an enterprise.

Deborah Barber

Information Architect/Interaction Designer/UX

Hi, my name is Deborah Barber and I care about making the Internet useful and usable.

Deborah is skilled at creating detailed UX documentation such as sitemaps, wireframes, workflows, functional specifications, personas and storyboards, for various types of digital products.

Donna Spencer

Information Architect | Interaction Designer

I'm a freelance information architect and interaction designer, a mentor, writer and trainer. I have 8 years experience working in-house and as a consultant doing both strategic and tactical design. I have designed large intranets & websites, e-commerce & search systems, complex business applications, a set of design patterns and a content management system.

I believe deeply in the value of user-centred design and use a range of user-centred approaches on my projects – from quick analysis of existing research to deep ethnography. I also believe deeply in team-based and iterative design – and continually surprise my colleagues by talking to people rather than computers and designing the old-fashioned way with pencil, sticky notes and much coloured paper.

Holger Maassen

Creative Director / UXD expert at SAP SE

Holger is an expert in eCommerce, omni-channel, customer experience, mobile commerce, brand management, digital interactive and social media strategy.

His experience with User Interface and Interaction Design, Information Architecture, Strategy, and Development dates back more than 15 years.

Holger Maassen has a strong technical understanding and works closely with visual designers, developers, engineers and product managers to design products that are simple but great for the user, focusing on interaction and visual design. Using my keen design aesthetic I design and conduct experiments with real users so that improvements to the user experience are based on real user behavior. My goal is to make sure that products are intuitive, accessible and usable to all users.

James Kelway

Experience Design Director at Hello Group

I worked for Reed Elsevier for over 8 years in a variety of roles. Starting as a web designer I moved into design management, responsible for teams of designers. Prior to this I had my own agency creating digital experiences.

Whilst working as a digital art director I studied for a Masters degree in Design Practice, specializing in UCD techniques. After qualifying, I became an Information Architect and was responsible for the formulation of the business’ information architecture strategy, its implementation amongst several teams, and the redesign of several major industry websites.

I now work as a UX Director for Hello Group, responsible for methodology, business generation and new projects. On this blog I record findings as well as developments in information architecture, interaction design, and user experience.

Javier Velasco, PhD

User Experience Designer, Stategist, Researcher, Coach

A world-class problem-solver, I've been improving my clients' technology systems since the 90s, delivering bottom-line results for leading companies in a variety of industries. I have many years of expertise in UX design & research on websites and online software in waterfall and agile environments.

I have created the UX process for organizations and led teams of designers at agencies, libraries, academia, media and software companies. This includes all aspects of the product cycle including: research, strategy, information architecture, interaction design, information design, development and usability evaluation; creating documentation and presenting results to a variety of stakeholders including developers, government representatives, VPs and CEOs.

Jeff Gothelf

Author, Speaker, Organizational Designer

I help companies and organizations build better products and cultures. Through worldwide keynotes and workshops, I've helped teams figure out the best way to utilize cross-functional collaboration, product strategy and experimentation and agile-friendly product design to ensure their ideas are found, designed and developed in a way the market welcomes.

I impress on audiences, internal and at conferences, the need for a culture of continuous learning while maintaining empowerment for the teams building your products and services.

Jeff Tang

User Experience Designer / Information Architect

While working at galvanize Jeff taught and developed material in Python for frequentist Statistics (A/B Testing, Experimental Design, Re-sampling Techniques), explanatory Linear / Logistic Regression (Smaller scale data sets with emphasis on interpretation), Machine Learning Classifier and Regressor (Random Forest, Boosting, SVM, K-Means Clustering), Network Statistics (Graph Traversal Algorithms, Centrality Measures, Community Detection via Clustering), Big Data Technologies (Theory of Distributed System, Multi-Threading, Spark, MLlib), Natural Language Processing (Bag of Word Model, Topic Modeling, Word2Vec), Basic Web Applications (Flask, HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX), Consulting work to develop model to explain factors impacting sales campaign based on CTR, cart size, etc, supervised and structured various student projects on image analysis, loan default prediction, data visualization to illustrate business application of data science.

Do you think we've got them all? Are there any Information Architects you’d like to see here? Or do you believe that you should be in the list?

Go the comments section or to the Twitter profile @UserpeekCom and tell us what you think – we’ll gladly make additions!

Be sure to spread the word around and share the list – everyone should benefit! See you next week. Disclosure: All profile pictures of experts were taken from their official profiles in social media such as Twitter or LinkedIn.  

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