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Quora is an abundant source of juicy discussions. No topic stays untouched. You can ask anything and always count on diverse answers. No matter if you’re interested in hamsters, scrapbooking or design – if you want to get an answer, Quora should be your go-to website. Here are the most interesting UX discussions on Quora.

UX discussions on Quora

Most interesting UX discussions on Quora |flickr

How would you design a prison according to UX principles?

We need to consider this question in a philosophical way, I think. Is it enough just to design a prison or maybe the entire penal system should be re-designed ? How would our personal views affect the answer? If I had actually ever been to prison, would my point of view be different from that of of a person who’s never been in one? 

We can also apply a simple design terms here: prison being the website or service we offer and prisoners and guards being its users…

From a UX perspective, you need to redesign the prison system as a whole, not just the individual prison facilities. But before designing the system, we as a society need to identify a clear set of prioritized objectives and consistently align all decisions with these objectives.
- Kalvin Huang

Thinking from a Ux perspective I would start with the concept of user journey. Then look at how individual experiences combine and interact.
– Ruben Kenig
What is the goal and scope? Are we trying to reduce crime? Reduce prison population? Reduce recidivism? Increased rehabilitation? Each of these might have a unique strategy. I think the process starts with identifying existing issues within the penal system.
- Deanna Glaze

What are your favorite web UI details or interactions aimed simply to delight?

We should admit it straight away – we all have our favorite little things that we’ve used while designing or have seen somewhere on the web and went: “Wow! This is cool!” If you are delighted by a user-friendly captcha, that’s great. If you are crazy about the simplistic way someone has managed to incorporate Flat UI into their website, that’s great too. Here is your place to share the little things that bring that extra touch to your user experience. You are a user after all, right?

Expert UX discussion

Most interesting UX discussions on Quora | source

Could an “about” page be delightful? Yes. Any.DO team members turn to look at the one you hover on. (note the cursor’s location in the screenshot – incidentally, hovering on the guy who’s designed this.) https://www.linkedin.com/company/any.do/
Edo A. Elan
Github 404 Page

Most interesting UX discussions on Quora | source

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Project timeline

Most interesting UX discussions on Quora 

Timeline stuff always get me, I have to say they look pretty awesome. In this mild case, I’m showing a timeline; progressive steps. Love them!
- Alexandru Gabriel

What are some meaningful and notable quotations about user experience (UX)?

What a source! If you ever find yourself doing a presentation or speaking about UX design related topics, this Quora discussion should be your number one topic to check out. It is just packed with fantastic quotes about design, User Experience design and general quotes that can be easily applied here. You’ll also find sources of where to find more if needed.

Here are some quotes, shared by Luke Wroblewski:

  • “Simple design, intense content.” — Edward Tufte, 2004
  • “The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” — Hans Hofmann
  • “The architect should strive continually to simplify; the ensemble of the rooms should then be carefully considered that comfort and utility may go hand in hand with beauty.” — Frank Lloyd Wright, 1908
  • “Questions about whether design is necessary or affordable are quite beside the point: design is inevitable. The alternative to good design is bad design, not no design at all.” — Douglas Martin, 1989

As a User Experience Designer, what is it that you don’t want to focus on?

It is often easy to become distracted and find yourself in a situation where you cannot see the woods for the trees. It is true in every aspect of life, including the User Experience Designer’s work. If you struggle to stay focused, bear in mind you are not the only one. This topic shows what others find hard to beat and what they don’t want to be focusing on. Sounds familiar?

I don’t want to focus on myself, my ego or my natural biases.
- Danilo Campos
I don’t want to focus on convincing stakeholders that design is important. I’d rather design and build cool stuff.
- Craig Villamor
The nature of UX practice is that it is one of multi-discipline. To really build a good interface, we often need to consider many dimension of things. Thus, it’s easy to get lost on what to focus on. Very often, I find that it is not about what to and not to focus. Its about what to focus on WHEN.
- Lim Chin Hao Donald

Should I focus on a good user experience, or push something out quickly?

This is one of these questions that said out loud will always open a can of worms. Many argue that great user experience design should be the goal from the beginning while others point out that this thinking may just cost you the momentum needed to push your product out there. Who is right? This Quora discussion is definitely worth checking out.

We’ve been researching this exact question for years. The main factor to answer your question is the market stage your new product is entering.
- Jared Sopol
I don’t think you can truly know what a good user experience is, until you have users. If you’re talking about usability, cover your bases there, but otherwise just flip the switch.
- Jason Putorti
I LOVE questions like this because it gives me a great chance to rail against the misconceptions of UX. What this question implies is that the only real issues in shipping a product is either “making it pretty” (a common misconception about a good UX) or a quick release, neither one of which is really what “UX” is about.

- Scot Jenson

There are many fantastic User Experience – related discussions on Quora. Stay tuned, as more of the best from the choicest topics will soon come your way.

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