User Research

Get actionable insights based on real human feedback

Watch and listen to customers use your design. Get behavioral and emotional feedback, reactions, feelings and optinions of your customers and find out the “why” behind.

User Research

Gain deeper insight into customer attitudes
and behaviors using user testing.

Connecting the dots between what people think, feel, say, and do.

UXR create study

Create any study from scratch to see
and hear customers for:

  • Needs discovery.

  • Website and app design, content and usability validation.

  • Concept and prototype testing.

  • Mobile validation.

  • Marketing campaign, creative and message testing.

  • Online/offline customer journey and ethnographics.

Build a custom test framework in minutes

  • Quickly launch the test you need and see results as they arrive.

  • Easily define your test instructions with scenario-based templates. Get an entire test template library.

  • Target segments by choosing specific demographics and adding preselections.

  • Establish testing routines by duplicating existing tests and change targeted criteria.
user testing setup
User Research why

Get the "why" behind customers behaviors.
To know - not to guess.

  • Direct feedback from users via a flexible 'think out loud' behavioral testing.

  • Identify root causes, and suggest potential solutionsVideo, audio and written feedback from your target market.

  • Test with everyday people in their natural environmnet, not a usability lab.

  • Select specific target audience criteria to dive deep into peoples behaviors. 

  • Combine qualitative and quantitative research techniques to get to know what your customers really want.

Test beyond just the browser.
On any device, on any platform.

  • Easily integrate user testing within your agile team. Show usability issues to your team to iteratively optimize experiences.

  • Manage all your tests with an integrated dashboard.

  • Export your research data and test results easily to share with other teams for a insightful look an the big picture.
agile user testing
UXR Target

Find and conncet with your exact
audiences for your study

  • Target exact customers on-demand with Userpeek’s diverse, global panel.

  • Use your own audiences of customers, employees or third-party participants.

  • Choose and set audience criteria easily within minutes.

No more guessing.

faster ux testing

Iterate faster

Make right decisions faster.

faster user testing

Save time and resources

Test and prevent engineers from
reworking the product after launch.

faster usability testing

End discussions

Bring your team and
stakeholders into line.

Deliver great experiences. Start growing faster.



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