UX & UI Design

Create awesome UX/UI Designs based on real user feedback

Quickly and easily connect with the users you need. Use key insights to confidently make decisions towards creating easy-to-use and impressive products and experiences.

UX & UI Design

See your design through the eyes of your users. 
Without the hassle of traditional usability testing.

Understand how visitors interact with your product along the entire customer journey and
create incredible useful designs and experiences.

Easy to set up

  • Quickly launch the test you need and see results as they arrive.

  • Easily define your test instructions with scenario-based templates. Get an entire test template library.

  • Target segments by choosing specific demographics and adding preselections.

  • Establish testing routines by duplicating existing tests and change targeted criteria.
Quickly launch the test you need
Optimize UX and Design in no time

Optimize UX and Design in no time

  • Get fast feedback on any design, prototype, marketing campain or ad within 24h.

  • Find and fix problems before the team writes a line of code.

  • Run your own tests or use professional services.

  • Video, audio and written feedback from your target market.

  • Test with everyday people in their natural environmnet, not a usability lab.

Test any UX Design on any Device

  • Test any UX Design, prototype, Image, Video or campaign on any device before launch and make sure it works.

  • Confidently launch designs, campaigns and products and effectively iterate on users experiences.

  • Create experiences customers love by knowing your customers needs and wants.
Test any UX Design on any Device
Settle disagreements with stakeholders and teams

Settle disagreements with stakeholders and teams

  • Show video clips to show ineffective UX and designs.

  • Prove design and UX improvements with real user feedback.

  • Get feedback on Branding or Image issues.

No more guessing.

Iterate faster

Iterate faster

Make right decisions faster.

Save time and resources

Save time and resources

Test and prevent engineers from
reworking the product after launch.

End discussions

End discussions

Bring your team and
stakeholders into line.

Stop guessing, start knowing. Today.



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