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User Testing for Growth

See and hear real people using your website, online shop or app.

Take the shortcut to awesome user experience by understanding the why behind the what.


Advanced Remote Usability Testing Solution

Designed by professionals for professionals. Everything you need to start user tests today and finish them tomorrow.

Real User Video Feedback

Watch videos of real people using your product and comment on the user experience and usability.

Targeted Tester Audience

Acquire test users representing your target audience from our large panel or bring your own testers.

Powerful Tagging and Annotations

Enjoy a feature set designed by professionals.

Built for daily use, efficient workflows and fast results.

Speech-to-Text Transcription

No more manual transcription! We use state of the art technology to automatically transcribe all spoken words.


Insightful Presentations with Highlight Reels

Compose key sequences from user test videos easily into an impressive highlight reel. 

Easy setup. Fast results.

Here is how Remote Usability Testing with Userpeek works. 

1. Setup the User Test

Create a set of tasks to be executed by testers on your website, shop or app (or simply choose one from our Test Task Library).

2. Choose Audience

Define your target audience by country, language, age, gender, interest and device. Alternatively you can invite your own testers.

3. Run the User Test

Testers matching the targeting record videos of themselves using your product, while executing the defined tasks and thinking aloud.

4. Analyze Videos

Watch the videos, tag remarkable sequences and annotate key findings. Filter, sort and compose your notices and key sequences of the videos.

On User Testing

“You watch the videos and read the comments, you cry, you fix things, you become rich.”

Avinash Kaushik

Digital Marketing Evangelist at Google

Growth Leverage by User Testing

User testing is one of the biggest success factors for your business. The fastest growing companies are the ones that really understand their customers need. Userpeek is a tool optimized for all departments that profit from qualitative user testing.

UX Design

Test design ideas, visual concepts and prototypes.

User Research

Conduct deep dive professional  user research.


Test marketing ideas, optimize content and ads.


Gain insights in user demand and usage patterns.

UserPeek is Coming Soon

We're not quite done with the development of the software yet and it will still take a little while until it really gets going here.

But if you're interested in trying UserPeek to improve the usability, UX or conversion rate of your website, online shop, or mobile app as soon as it is available then leave us your email address now.

We will inform you by email as soon as UserPeek is ready for a test drive.

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Stop guessing, start knowing. Today.



We are on a misson to build the ultimate Remote User Testing Solution.

For UX Professionals, User Researchers, Growth Hackers, CROs and Product Managers.

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